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About Westside

Westside is an appointment only dealer in Calgary, Alberta. We specialize in three different types of systems; music, theatre, and custom installation.  Our approach to designing systems for our clients is different than most.

Every A/V retailer promises to help its customers build great systems. Yet, even after spending a great deal of money, many realize down the road that better choices could have been made.  Westside employs three distinct approaches  to ensure its clients get the systems they really want – without regrets:

  • We begin with a truly nuanced understanding of your needs and wants.  Everyone has their own priorities in terms of system performance, appearance, and cost. These may even differ amongst members of the same household. It takes a concerted effort to tease out all these differences and fully appreciate their priorities. Furthermore, tastes often become more refined as users gain experience.  All of these factors must be carefully  weighed to design a system that is rewarding for all over the long haul.
  • We leverage science and measurements to avoid problems.  Actual acoustical analysis and checking specifications for compatability are often given short shrift in favour of  experience and “curation” of  brands.  This is not to say that experience is not useful, only that is much more effective when complemented by a real understanding of acoustics and electronics and the ability to use this to avoid pitfalls.
  • We truly put our clients interests ahead of our short-term financial results. While everyone claims to put customers first, few actually do it when presented with the option.  The consumer A/V industry is notorious for its tendency to upsell.  Industry associations even give courses on it.  We believe that true professionalism is the best approach, even when it results in lower profits in the near term.

 Learn more about how we approach the design of these systems  by clicking on the links below. Note that these sections are a bit longer than the normal read – we have tried to provide some helpful insight on the design of such systems and this can’t be done in a “sound bite”.


Music Systems

Home Theatre

Custom Installation