Custom Installation

Custom installation includes a wide array of systems such as security, data, CCTV, multi-room audio, and lighting controls, usually installed  during construction. Unlike music systems or theatres, these systems are difficult to demonstrate, and clients may have had limited previous exerience. Furthermore proposals from custom installers are all to often simply lists of model numbers accompanied by descriptions of the installers knowledge and experience.  Thus, clients are left to take it on faith that the proposed systems are truly responsive to their needs, and not simply those that the installer is most familiar with and/or have the best margins.

For these reasons, Westside typically acts primarily as a design consultant .  We have had ten years of prior experience as a dealer for all of the best known brands including Lutron, Crestron, Control4, Nuvo, and RTI. This has given us tremendous perspective on the types of systems that best serve client’s needs.  Our proposals clearly explain our understanding of your needs and how the proposed design meets those needs. Because our margins are not dependent on hardware sales we are not incented to “gold plate” the project.  Once a proposal has been accepted, our partners at Peak Lifestyles ( complete the physical installation of the project.